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. >> and today it's actually the single most popular cosmetic treatment in the united states. >>reporter: botox uses toxin to disable nerves and muscles besides relaxing wrinkle also used to treat conditions ranging from pain to chronic muscle spasms even extreme sweating. now bay area company believes it has new device that can accomplish what botox can do but without the toxin. >> this is the hand piece that is reusable. >>reporter: he's vice president of research at redwood city mio science. company has developed a system to freeze nerves. >> i'll place these meelingtss into this gelatin this simulates soft tissue. >>reporter: he says the needle don't actually inject anything into a patient body. instead filled with a pressure refrig rant that super cool them in. about 3 or 4 seconds at 45 it will start cooling and you can see the needles are beginning to form ice ball. >>reporter: he says that ice ball visible in the test material freezes the nerve without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. clint is the company ceo. >> we are not killing a nerve. it's a fancy way of saying we use
1200 chemicals. the united states only 10. >> if they aren't safe for use they shouldn't bea a product. >> you need to update the cosmetic laws and give the fda real authority to oversee this $60 billion industry. >> how far any new regulation should go is a subject of controversy. the campaign for safe cosmetics supports phasing out chemicals that cause cancer and reproductive harm and they want full disclosure of inyield yents -- ingredients and they call it overreaching. >> the difference between europe and here is stunning. >> completely different way of dealing with it. >>> twice in the past week two whales have been entangled in crab pods off the coast. this was first spotted in pacific grove. you can see the netting here in this photo. in the north bay, a rescue team freed this 25-foot gray whale in bodega bay. that whale was spotted last friday and he managed to cut the whale loose. >> working in a restaurant can be bad for your well being. a survey by health.com found such jobs can be thankless and unrewarding as well as physically stressful. other similar bad jobs include sol
most valuable company in the united states tomorrow. just 8 years old the social networking giant expected to be worth more than 100 billion dollars. making it bigger than disney, ford and mcdonald's. 7 news reporter john alston is at facebook in menlo park where employees are holding an all night hack a thon. >>reporter: if you listen closely you might here a big ka ching. employee work on new project for the company and tomorrow is a big payday. the beer is flowing tonight in silicon valley. facebook share year ago pre-market selling how many did he buy. >> lake to keep that confidential but let's just say i'm buying pitchers tonight. >>reporter: excitement evidence from the nature spots at palo alto where tech employee like to unwind to nearby menlo park where facebook set the initial price of the stock at 38 dollars a share. >> ask me when it hits a hundred. bit might have been high but for a company that has a long-term potential for growth, that's what the market is betting. our better are down. >>reporter: the better are expected to generate nearly 20 billion dolla
the psychiatric unit to napa state hospital when he attacked the depp stey breaking -- the deputy breaking the jaw. he was charged with murdering 67-year-old peter sucor outside sucor's family home. de witt is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and declared ntally income pent -- incompetent. >>> a little league pitcher is recovering from surgery after a line drive frk toured his skull. he was hospitalized with multiple fractures to his head and a broken nose after being hit in a game in petaluma. he was in surgery for six hours. >> reconstructing the sinus cavity and the frontal lobe area and they had to go and put all of the pieces back together like a puzzle. >> and it is good news he gets better every day. >> the petaluma little league board of directors meets tomorrow to discuss safety issues. the players are trying out protective head gear and there is talk of possibly switching to wooden bats. >>> the financial melt down at jp morgan chase appears to be worse than first reported. tonight the new york times is
patrol has roving units patrolling the bay bridge. chp says the state saw a significant imcreeps last year in the number of people killed in collisions with 24 deaths statewide, 41% increase from the previous year. >> alan: in the east bay, woman is offing after she drove her car into the oakland estuary. this is new video of the wool being treated on the scene. her car is submentalled and won't be pulled out until low tide tomorrow. the woman lost control of her vehicle right behind the oakland aviation museum. >> our guess right now she may have been trying to take the turn too fast and overcompensated when she realized she was going over the double yellow line. >> the woman cleaned up out of her car on her own and some good samaritans helped her ashore. >> today's weather delayed a planned wade out in honor of a man who committed suicide while police and firefighters stood by. raymond zack waded into the water at crown beach, report lived in an attempt to kill himself. firefighters claimed they were unable to help him because they weren't certified to conduct water rescues. after t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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